Image from the Healthcare is a Right CFS Campaign

Fairness for International Students campaign continued in tandem with Education for All; primarily, this campaign lobbies and advocates against their differential, unregulated tuition fees as well as the recent elimination of public healthcare for international students by the Manitoba government – another formerly successful campaign of  the Federation. These campaigns build on momentum established by past student activists and exist in order to ensure both domestic and international students issues remain visible on each campuses and at every level of government.

Recently the government announced the removal of international students and their dependents from public healthcare coverage. The change took effect starting in September 2018. This regressive policy announcement puts the lives and well being of international students and their families at risk. It sets the clock back on a hard fought victory for the Federation when in 2011 the previous government announced they would be covered starting in 2012.


  • Lobby government to reverse their draconian decision to remove international students.
  • Educate the government and key stakeholders regarding the importance of providing health care to all persons of Manitoba, such as international students.
  • Strengthen coalitions with groups throughout the province to push back against this change.
  • Link all international student groups throughout our member locals to develop concrete actions and steps to ensure the rights of international students are protected.
  • In conjunction with the Education for All campaign continue to push for the long term goal of the elimination of tuition and differential fees for international students and the shorter term goal of tying international student fees to the rate of inflation.
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